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The term 'moving bed filter media' refers to a bed of media which is kept in constant motion by an injection of air or water. K1 is the most well known moving bed media and it works on a 'survival of the fittest' idea of the media constantly crashing into each other, scrubbing off dead bacteria and only allowing healthy bacteria to live there. This ensures that the bacteria which thrive in the highly oxygenated environment are working hard to reduce ammonia and nitrite.
The only down side to that system is that nitrate is often produced in large amounts since the balance of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria is very much in favour of aerobic bacteria (which process ammonia into nitrite and nitrite into nitrate) if the media is driven by air.
Anaerobic bacteria does develop on the insides of the plastic media but it can take years. The Hel-x media is the most suitable plastic media for developing anaerobic bacteria as it has more protected surface area than K1 or K1 micro.