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Gel Filter Starter Balls (100+)


100+ Gel filter balls
Gel filter balls are the most efficient way to seed a new filter with beneficial bacteria as they dissolve slowly and release a measured dose of live bacteria into the filter. Simply add to the filter media after filter maintenance or when adding new media.
Use a minimum of 1 ball per 20 litres to seed new filters. You cannot overdose with this water treatment.
Please note the filter starter balls contain freshwater bacteria. If you have a marine tank you will need the Pure Reef Balance to set up the filter - also available from this site.

Customer Reviews
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Reviewer: Christopher Roberts Cambridgeshire   5 Stars

Gel Filter Starter Balls Brilliant product.

I got a free sample of this product with my first order of Bio Gravel, I love the face you can put thees directly in you filter and they stay there just where they are needed, I've spent hundreds of pounds over the years on all kinds of filter starting Bactria additives and have never seen the fast positive results this product gives, infact I was so impressed I ordered 100 more for top ups during filter maintenance.

Reviewer: Linda Bee Christchurch Dorset   5 Stars

Saved me from new tank syndrome

I was sent these little babies to put in with my filter media, set it all up (after watching Pimp My Filter many times and bought a great filter, and filled it as the Guru said) and after a week added my fish. I honestly thought my test sticks weren't working, so I bought the test tube version.. which agreed with my sticks. Many months later, I have NEVER had ANY Nitrite or Amonia in my tank.. EVER! I believe 100% that is due to these amazing little balls. I have 2 tanks now &my new 252l tank experience has been exactly the same. Thanks so much Pond Guru xx