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FX6 / FX5 External Filter (Freshwater) Upgrade Kit
FX6 / FX5 External Filter (Freshwater) Upgrade Kit FX6 / FX5 External Filter (Freshwater) Upgrade Kit FX6 / FX5 External Filter (Freshwater) Upgrade Kit FX6 / FX5 External Filter (Freshwater) Upgrade Kit

FX6 / FX5 External Filter (Freshwater) Upgrade Kit


Kit suitable for Fluval FX5 and FX6 canister filters - also suitable for sumps.
This kit contains 5kg of Biohome Ultimate, two sets of coarse, medium and fine foams plus lots of gel filter starter balls to seed the filter with beneficial bacteria and prevent any ammonia or nitrite spikes if this kit is used to replace media in a mature system. If the kit is used for a mature system it is best to swap out old media gradually (over a month or so) to make the transition as smooth as possible. Once the new media matures in the filter it should last 6-10 years at high efficiency. 
Foams for outer parts of trays should be cut to 37.5cm (14.75") x 9cm (3.5"). You will be able to cut 3 foams from each 17" x 11" coarse and medium foam so as this kit has 2 x coarse and 2 x medium foams that gives you enough for all 3 trays.
The fine pads can be carefully ripped to a suitable thickness then cut to size for the top tray - you only need one fine pad on top of the top tray.
This video explains the full process of upgrading an FX6 and also applies to an FX5:

Customer Reviews
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Reviewer: ian aldridge draper newcastle-upon-tyne   5 Stars

Purchased BIO-HOME ultimate feb 2018 within 5 months my tank achieved full cycle. When you replace fluval foams with this upgrade it does make sense because the poop is getting broke down in 2 stages as apposed to only 1 with the original foams that came with filter. So this means that less poop is hitting polishing pad greatly improving flow rate and less time stripping down cleaning your filter i clean my filter every 8-10 weeks. pondguru is right if you have a fluval fx filter and you pimp your filter as in his videos remove the 2 red half inch media baskets because my flow has greatly improved since i took these out putting less strain on impellar and motor. Well worth the money to up-grade it will pay you back dividends in long haul.

Reviewer: hendrik ridderbos the netherlands   5 Stars

i bought my fx6 upgrade kit about three weeks ago.

send on monday arived on wensday compliments for that.

installed the fx6 filter and have it running for about 2 /3 weeks now.

i have a juwel rio 240 aquarium with 10 piranhas .

they are 6 to 8 cm the fish en like all predetory fish the make a lot of waste.

now people who wonder how good the biohome and filterupgrade is and works.

here are some test results mesured with hanna test instruments.

ph 7.5

dkh 6.44

nitrite 0.036 mg/l

amonium 0

and these are the results after only two or three weeks.

so i think biohome and of course the filter setup does a verry verry good job.

0.036 mg/l nitrite on a piranha tank is superior .

so to all the people who are sceptical i hope this take some away.

i would say buy it and take the advice from richard because he knows what he is talking about .

again thnx richard for the advice and i hope that people after reading this will have less doubts.


hendrik ridderbos


Reviewer: Alan Jones Holyhead   5 Stars

Great kit

Great advice and service from Richard, I bought this kit after my experience of BIOHOME mini I loaded into a brand new Fluval 207 , constant 5ppm nitrate level, after 4 months running, so looking forward to the Fluval FX6 results, the kit has 2 sheets each of course, medium and fine sponge to be cut to length , enough for the required 6 sections and top 1 the 5kg of BIOHOME ultra, and the Bio balls to help colonise the filter, all swiftly posted in secure packaging, very pleased with my purchase