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Freshwater 3kg External Filter Upgrade Kit
Freshwater 3kg External Filter Upgrade Kit Freshwater 3kg External Filter Upgrade Kit Freshwater 3kg External Filter Upgrade Kit Freshwater 3kg External Filter Upgrade Kit

Freshwater 3kg External Filter Upgrade Kit


Filter kit to suit most mid sized external filters. It is also suitable for small sumps.
This kit contains 3kg of Biohome Ultimate, coarse, medium and fine foams plus lots of gel filter starter balls to seed the filter with beneficial bacteria and prevent any ammonia or nitrite spikes if this kit is used to replace media in a mature system. If the kit is used for a mature system it is best to swap out old media gradually (over a month or so) to make the transition as smooth as possible. Once the new media matures in the filter it should last 6-10 years at high efficiency.

Customer Reviews
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Reviewer: Mikail Berkshire   5 Stars

I ordered the 3kg external filter kit after seeing the youtube video on biohome media. I wasn't disappointed at all, the foams and media are brilliant and have colonized and visibly improved my water quality. Also the help and advice I received over the phone was very reassuring and informative. Filter pro is all i'd use going forward.

Reviewer: Ross Hale Edinburgh   5 Stars

After watching pimp your pimp your filter video I decided to give biohome filer media a try, bought the 3kg filter kit it arrived very quickly, the filter foams look very good quality,biohome ultimate media looks quality. I’m in the process of putting together a brand new tank,so time will tell how good this is,but I’m very sure this stuff is the dogs, thanks to you Richard for your advice. I shall let you know how I get on 👍👍

Reviewer: Chris Derbyshire   5 Stars

Awesome kit! I slowly swapped out the media in my Eheim to the Biohome over a couple of months (its been in about 5 months now) & parameters are great! Nitrate is down to 5. I can’t fit the remaining Biohome into the filter to finish the job, but a tank upgrade with sump is on the way so that should do it! Awesome advice from Richard, thank you!

Reviewer: Mark Merseyside    5 Stars

Fresh water kit

I've been watching Richard for the past couple of months on youtube and decided to buy an external filter then yesterday I ordered this kit the foams are very good quality.

So I've pimped my external filter today like Richard had done on his youtube and I'm really happy with the results keep up the good work Richard.

Reviewer: Sorin Radu Popescu Poole   5 Stars

Everything you need for upgrade

Just purchased the 3kg upgrade kit for freshwater for my Fluval 307. I could fit just about 1.5 kg of media in it and still keep the 2 carbon packs. I could say that the biohome ultimate are amazing, and also the sponges in the kit are high quality ! Everything came extremely well packed. I also got the bio starter balls which i will use together with the biohome ultimate for my cycle start. Verry happy with the purchase.

Reviewer: Tracey Perris Manchester    5 Stars


Have been keeping a tropical aquarium since 2008, upgraded to a 260 litre in May 2020. Stumbled on filter pro website and after emailing and watching youtube tutorials, changed all my filter media( bit by bit, as running 2 filters to one tank) using biohome media, now, December 2020,fish have grown incredibly, happy, healthy, water quality brilliant, for a novice fish keeper, Thank you pro filter, you made it easy to convert,keep up the good work and many many 🙏

Reviewer: Jason Smith Norwich   5 Stars

Amazing service

First time I've ordered from filter pro and it was a brilliant service. Delivered in less than 24 hours, very well packaged and all looks of great quality. Cant recommend enough. Thanks very much

Reviewer: Michael Gowlett Selby   5 Stars

Great service.

Great service, speedy delivery. First time ordering from here, will certainly be back.

Reviewer: Michael Gowlett Selby   5 Stars

Great service.

First time I have ordered from here, will certainly back. Super service, and speedy delivery.

Reviewer: Robert Kealey Gloucester   5 Stars

What a difference

I have viewed Richards You Tube videos and thought " Why not give it a try?" So I ordered the 3kg Filter pack, spare foams and a 500g pack of Biohome Ultimate to be on the safe side. Rapid delivery and well packed. Easy to cut foams to size and time to fit. Easy to fit, filled the trays on my Greenline E1502 perfectly, replaced on of the trays with with BioHome Ultimate and levelled it in the tray. Connected the filter up and after a while purging air we were off. After a week Ammonia and Nitrite are still zero. Water is clearer than before the change of media. Will write another review after a month of use.

Reviewer: Chris Walker Newark    5 Stars

Superb product, superb supplier

I have been watching Richards YouTube, Pond guru for years, his matter of fact way of showing and explaing the subject at hand is great!

Simple honest advice at its best!

Finally being in a position to have a large aquarium I looked up filter pro to "Pimp my filter" I can honestly say my water quality has never been better!

My water is crystal clear and my parameters are spot on, reading zeros for nitrite, ammonia, nitrates and my ph has improved slightly.

Biohome pro is a fantastic product! I will be purchasing some of the pond variant next you to pimp my pond filter!

Thank you Richard!