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A selection of filter upgrade kits containing filter media, foams and gel filter starter balls (plus instructions where needed) to get your filter working as efficiently as possible.
This section also contains everything you need to make a tube filter.
If replacing the media in a mature external filter make sure to do it gradually i.e. 25% each week so the change over takes 4 weeks. That way there will not be a noticable drop in filter performance and levels of ammonia and nitrite will stay low. The supplied gel filter balls will also reduce levels of ammonia and nitrite at the same time as seeding the new media with beneficial bacteria.
The filter needs to be set up properly to be efficient so ensure that the foams are in the correct place as all mechanical filtration needs to be done before water hits the media for maximum efficiency.
See the 'videos' section of this website for detailed information on setting up filters, making DIY filters and converting biorbs to get them working properly.
Hopefully the information in the videos will explain the nitrogen cycle in simple terms and promote proper understanding of what should be happening inside a filter.
The goal with any filter is to achieve full cycle filtration which will result in the reduction of ammonia, nitrite and nitrate. Normal media will only allow for reduction in ammonia and nitrite but the use of Biohome with its ability to support a perfect balance of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria will also process nitrate, creating perfect water quality and greatly reducing maintenance.